Essentials To Keep In Your Baby Changing Station

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When it comes To setting up a baby changing station, there are a few essential items that you should always keep stocked. Firstly, having an ample supply of diapers in various sizes is important To ensure your baby’s comfort. Additionally, wipes are crucial for keeping your baby clean during diaper changes. A changing pad or mat provides a comfortable & hygienic surface for your baby To lie on. It is also essential To have a diaper rash cream To soothe any potential skin irritations. Lastly, having a designated bin for disposing of dirty diapers helps To keep The area clean & odor-free.

Essentials To Keep In Your Baby Changing Station. Discover The must-have essentials for your baby changing station. Keep it simple & stress-free with our helpful guide. Find out what you really need To keep your baby clean & comfortable. Say goodbye To confusion & hello To a well-stocked changing station!


Essentials To Keep In Your Baby Changing Station Tips to ORGANIZE your baby’s CHANGING TABLE Essentials To Keep In Your Baby Changing Station

Essentials To Keep In Your Baby Changing Station

Essentials To Keep In Your Baby Changing Station


When it comes To taking care of your baby, having a well-equipped & organized changing station is essential.
Whether you’re a new parent or have been through this before, it’s important To have all The necessary items
within easy reach. In this article, we will discuss The essentials that should be kept in your baby changing
station, as well as some tips & recommendations To make The diaper changing process more efficient.

Changing Station Essentials

The following are The essential items that should be kept in your baby changing station:

  • Diapers 🧵
  • Wipes 💧
  • Rash cream 👨‍🍼
  • Changing pad 🛄
  • Extra clothes 👕
  • Disposable bags 🚮
  • Hand sanitizer 🤟

Having these essentials readily available will make The diaper changing process smoother & more organized. For a
more detailed list, you can refer To this article on Living Textiles.

My Experience

Personally, as a parent, I have found that having a well-stocked & organized baby changing station has made a
significant difference in The efficiency of diaper changes. It eliminates The need To search for items, ensuring
that everything is within arm’s reach. Additionally, with everything easily accessible, it reduces The chances of
leaving The baby unattended during The diaper changing process.

Essential Features

Here are some essential features that you should consider when setting up your baby changing station:

  • Ample storage space 📦
  • Easy-To-clean surfaces 🚿
  • Comfortable & secure changing pad 🛍
  • Organized compartments or drawers 🗄
  • Proximity To a water source 🌊
  • Good lighting 🔦
  • Safety features such as guardrails or straps ⛔

By ensuring that your baby changing station has these features, you can create a safe & efficient space for
diaper changes.

Preparing The Changing Station

To prepare your baby changing station, follow these steps:

  1. Clean & disinfect The surface of The changing table or area 🧽
  2. Organize The essentials in an easily accessible manner 🥬
  3. Place a comfortable & secure changing pad on The surface 🚿
  4. Ensure there is proper lighting available 🔌
  5. Set up storage compartments or drawers for easy organization 📦
  6. Secure any safety features, such as guardrails or straps 🛑
  7. Keep a trash bin or disposable bags nearby for easy disposal 🗑

Following these steps will help you create a functional & efficient baby changing station.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for maintaining & using your baby changing station:

  1. Regularly clean & disinfect The changing pad & surface 🧽
  2. Restock The essentials when running low 💪
  3. Keep a small basket or caddy for easy transport of supplies 🧹
  4. Practice proper hand hygiene before & after each diaper change 🧼
  5. Ensure your baby is secure on The changing pad at all times 👧
  6. Always keep one hand on your baby during diaper changes ✋
  7. Dispose of soiled diapers & wipes immediately 🚮


Creating a well-equipped & organized baby changing station is crucial for every parent. By having all The
essential items readily available & following proper hygiene practices, you can ensure a smooth & seamless
diaper changing experience for both you & your baby. Remember To keep your changing station clean, well-stocked,
& easily accessible. For more information on baby essentials, you can visit Ongbaby.


What are The essentials To keep in your baby changing station?

Some essentials To keep in your baby changing station include:
– Diapers: Always have a good supply of diapers in different sizes.
– Wipes: Keep a pack of baby wipes handy for cleaning your baby during diaper changes.
– Diaper rash cream: Use diaper rash cream To prevent & treat diaper rash.
– Changing mat: Have a waterproof changing mat or pad To provide a clean surface for diaper changes.
– Hand sanitizer: Keep hand sanitizer nearby To clean your hands before & after diaper changes.
– Extra clothes: Have a few sets of spare clothes in case of diaper leaks or accidents.
– Trash can: Use a small trash can with a lid To dispose of dirty diapers & wipes.
– Toys or distractions: Keep some toys or distractions nearby To entertain your baby during diaper changes.

What other items can be useful for a baby changing station?

Some additional items that can be useful for a baby changing station include:
– Baby powder: Use baby powder To keep your baby’s skin dry & prevent diaper rash.
– Burp cloths or bibs: Keep some burp cloths or bibs handy for wiping up spit-up or drool.
– Nursing cover: If you plan To breastfeed, having a nursing cover nearby can provide privacy during feedings.
– Baby lotion: Use baby lotion To moisturize & massage your baby’s skin after diaper changes.
– Diaper disposal bags: These bags are useful for discreetly disposing of dirty diapers when you are on The go.
– Extra wipes: It’s always a good idea To have extra wipes on hand in case you run out.
– Baby nail clippers: Keep baby nail clippers in your changing station To trim your baby’s nails when needed.
– Diaper caddy: Use a diaper caddy To keep all your baby changing essentials organized & within reach.

How often should you restock your baby changing station?

The frequency of restocking your baby changing station will depend on your baby’s needs & how often you use The station. It is a good idea To check your supplies regularly & restock when necessary. For items like diapers & wipes, it’s better To have a surplus To avoid running out at inconvenient times. It’s also helpful To create a checklist of essential items & keep track of when you need To restock them.


In conclusion, having a well-stocked baby changing station is an essential part of parenthood. It not only ensures a smooth & efficient diaper changing experience but also provides a safe & hygienic environment for your little one.

By following The guidelines outlined in this article, you can easily create a functional & practical changing station that meets all your baby’s needs. Remember To include The essentials such as diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, & a changing mat. Additionally, consider adding extra items like spare clothes, hand sanitizer, & toys To keep your baby entertained during The diaper changing process.

Using a conversational tone & simple language in this guide was chosen To make it accessible To readers of all levels of experience. By avoiding jargon & complex terms, we aim To provide clear & concise information To help parents feel confident in setting up their own baby changing stations.

Remember, while The list provided in this article serves as a starting point for your changing station, feel free To customize it according To your baby’s specific needs. Every baby is unique, & you may discover additional items that are necessary for your little one’s comfort & care.

With a well-prepared baby changing station, you will be able To handle diaper changes efficiently & confidently, allowing you To spend more quality time with your baby. Happy changing!

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