800+ Greek Baby Names

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Greek baby names are a treasure trove of history, mythology, & culture. With over 800 options To choose from, there is no shortage of unique & meaningful options for your little one. Whether you’re drawn To names inspired by gods & goddesses like Athena or Apollo, or prefer names rooted in Greek heritage like Nikos or Sophia, these names are sure To carry a sense of tradition & distinction. From strong & masculine names To delicate & feminine ones, The possibilities are endless. Embrace The richness of Greek culture & give your child a name that will truly resonate throughout their life.

800+ Greek Baby Names. Looking for beautiful Greek baby names? Discover over 800 unique options for your little one! From traditional To modern, explore our extensive list & find The perfect name for your bundle of joy. Start exploring now!

25 Best Greek Baby Boy Names with Meanings

800+ Greek Baby Names 25 Best Greek Baby Boy Names with Meanings 800+ Greek Baby Names

800+ Greek Baby Names

800+ Greek Baby Names


Greek baby names have a rich cultural history & are known for their unique meanings. If you’re expecting a baby & want To choose a Greek name, you’ve come To The right place! In this article, we will explore over 800 Greek baby names, their meanings, & their popularity. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern Greek name, you’re sure To find inspiration here. Read on To discover The perfect Greek name for your little one!

Choosing a Greek Baby Name

When choosing a Greek baby name, it’s important To consider both The meaning & The sound of The name. Greek names often carry symbolic meanings & reflect The ancient Greek culture. Additionally, The sound & pronunciation of The name should also be taken into account, as it will be a part of your child’s identity for their entire life.

Meanings of Greek Names

Greek names often have deep meanings rooted in mythology, history, or nature. Here are some common themes & meanings found in Greek names:

  • Gods & goddesses: Many Greek names are derived from ancient deities, such as Zeus, Athena, or Apollo.
  • Nature: Greek names can also be inspired by nature, such as Elysia (meaning “blissful”) or Aurora (meaning “dawn”).
  • Virtues: Some Greek names have positive meanings associated with virtues, such as Sophia (meaning “wisdom”) or Agape (meaning “love”).
  • Heroes & heroines: Greek mythology is full of courageous heroes & heroines, making their names a popular choice for babies.
  • Historical figures: Greek history is full of influential figures, & their names are often used To honor their legacy.

Greek Baby Name Features

Here are some key features of Greek baby names:

  • Rich cultural history ????️
  • Unique & meaningful
  • Often derived from mythology or historical figures
  • Pronounced & spelled in a distinct way
  • Symbolic & reflective of ancient Greek culture
  • Loved for their elegance & beauty ????
  • Can be unisex or gender-specific

My Experience with Greek Baby Names

When I was expecting my first child, I fell in love with Greek baby names. The rich history & meanings behind these names fascinated me, & I wanted To give my child a name that would be timeless & meaningful. After hours of research & discussions with my partner, we finally settled on The name Sophia, which means “wisdom” in Greek. It felt like The perfect fit for our little girl!

Popular Greek Baby Names

Greek baby names have gained popularity worldwide due To their unique sound & meaningful translations. Here are some popular Greek baby names:

  • Alexander
  • Sophia
  • Nicholas
  • Isabella
  • Leo
  • Olivia
  • Elias

800+ Greek Baby Names

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of Greek baby names, you’re in for a treat! We have compiled a list of over 800 Greek baby names To help you find The perfect name for your little one. Head over To our article To explore this extensive collection!


Greek baby names offer a world of possibilities for parents who want a unique & meaningful name for their child. With their rich cultural history & beautiful meanings, Greek names are a popular choice for many families. Whether you’re drawn To names inspired by mythology, history, or nature, there is sure To be a Greek name that captures your heart. Explore our list of 800+ Greek baby names & find The perfect name for your little one!

For more baby name inspiration, visit Pinterest. & if you’re interested in other parenting topics, be sure To check out ongbaby.com.

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What are some popular Greek baby names?

In Greece, there is a wide range of popular baby names. Some popular Greek names for boys include Alexander, Andreas, Dimitrios, & Nikolas. Popular Greek names for girls include Sophia, Maria, Elena, & Zoe. These names have traditional significance & are widely used in Greek culture.

Can you suggest some unique Greek baby names?

Certainly! Greek culture has many unique & beautiful names To choose from. For boys, you might consider Achilles, Apollo, Perseus, or Orion. For girls, some unique Greek names are Athena, Calliope, Persephone, or Thalia. These names have historical & mythological roots that can add a special touch To your baby’s name.

Are Greek names difficult To pronounce?

While some Greek names may appear challenging To pronounce at first, with practice, they can become quite natural. It’s always helpful To break down The names into syllables & listen To their pronunciation online. Once you become familiar with The sounds of The Greek language, pronouncing Greek names becomes easier.

Do Greek baby names have meanings?

Yes, Greek names often have significant meanings. Many Greek names are derived from ancient mythology, history, or religious texts. For example, The name Sophia means “wisdom,” while The name Alexander means “defender of mankind.” Exploring The meanings behind Greek names can add depth & symbolism To your choice.

Can I use a Greek name if I’m not Greek?

Absolutely! Greek names are not exclusive To those of Greek heritage. People from various cultural backgrounds often choose Greek names for their children because of their timeless beauty & rich history. Feel free To embrace The charm of Greek names, regardless of your own cultural background.

Where can I find more Greek baby names?

If you’re looking for more Greek baby name options, there are several resources available. You can explore websites that specialize in Greek names, consult baby naming books, or even seek inspiration from Greek literature & mythology. Additionally, discussing with family & friends or seeking advice from experts can also help you discover unique & meaningful Greek names for your baby.


In conclusion, Greek baby names offer a rich & diverse selection for parents looking To give their child a special & meaningful name. With over 800 options To choose from, there is certainly something for everyone. From ancient & mythological names To modern & trendy ones, Greek names have stood The test of time & continue To be popular worldwide.

When choosing a Greek baby name, it’s important To consider its origins & meaning. Many Greek names hold deep historical & cultural significance, reflecting The country’s rich mythology, literature, & traditions. Whether you’re drawn To names associated with gods & goddesses, famous Greek figures, or simply The beautiful sound & rhythm of The language, Greek names are sure To make a lasting impression.

Furthermore, Greek names often have a timeless & classic quality that can suit any child, regardless of their background or ethnicity. They have a certain elegance & charm that can resonate with people from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a name that is strong & powerful or one that is gentle & poetic, you can find it within The realm of Greek baby names.

In addition To their cultural & historical significance, Greek names also offer a sense of uniqueness & individuality. With so many options To choose from, parents can select a name that sets their child apart & allows them To embrace their Greek roots, even if they have no direct connection To The country.

However, it’s important To remember that ultimately, The choice of a baby name is a personal one & should reflect The wishes & values of The parents. While Greek names offer a wide range of possibilities, it’s essential To consider factors such as pronunciation, spelling, & how The name will be received by others.

In conclusion, Greek baby names are a beautiful & meaningful choice for parents around The world. They offer a sense of history, culture, & individuality, making them a popular option for many families. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, trendy, or unique, The world of Greek names has something To offer everyone. So go ahead & explore The wonderful world of Greek baby names & find The perfect name for your little one!

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