300+ Goth Names for Girls and Boys

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Feast your eyes on our extensive list of over 300 Gothic names for both girls & boys. These names are inspired by The dark, mysterious, & otherworldly elements of The Gothic subculture. Ranging from traditional To more unique choices, you can find The perfect name To reflect your gothic spirit or To add a touch of dark elegance To your child’s identity. Whether you’re seeking a name that evokes vampire lore, Victorian aesthetics, or macabre literature & music, this comprehensive collection offers an exquisite selection of monikers that will undoubtedly make your child stand out in any gathering. Dive into The enchanting world of Goth names & let your imagination run wild.

300+ Goth Names for Girls and Boys. Discover a mesmerizing collection of over 300 gothic names for both girls & boys. Unveil The perfect name that resonates with your unique style & showcases your dark elegance. Explore this comprehensive list of enchanting goth names, curated just for you. Embrace The beauty of darkness with these captivating monikers.

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300+ Goth Names for Girls and Boys GOTHIC BABY NAMES WITH MEANINGS – 22 Unique ‘Dark Romance’ Daring Names for Halloween | SJ STRUM 300+ Goth Names for Girls and Boys

300+ Goth Names for Girls & Boys

The Mystery & Beauty of Gothic Names

Gothic names have a certain allure that is both mysterious & captivating. These names are often associated with darkness, elegance, & a sense of uniqueness. Whether you’re looking for a goth name for yourself, your child, or your pet, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 300+ goth names for girls & boys. From ethereal & enchanting names To bold & powerful ones, you are sure To find The perfect goth name that resonates with you.

1. Ethereal & Enchanting Names

Gothic names often have a dreamy & otherworldly quality To them. These names are perfect for those who want To convey a sense of mystery & enchantment. Here are some examples:

  • Amara (meaning “eternal” or “unfading”)
  • Luna (meaning “moon”)
  • Orion (meaning “hunter”)
  • Seraphina (meaning “fiery-winged”)
  • Thalia (meaning “To blossom”)

2. Bold & Powerful Names

If you want a name that exudes strength & power, these goth names are perfect for you. These names have a strong & commanding presence that is sure To make a statement:

  • Draven (meaning “hunter”)
  • Raven (meaning “dark-haired”)
  • Lilith (meaning “of The night”)
  • Lucius (meaning “light”)
  • Valerian (meaning “strong”)

3. Macabre & Spooky Names

For those who embrace The macabre & enjoy The darker side of life, these goth names will suit your style. These names are eerie, spooky, & perfect for those who are drawn To The supernatural:

  • Morticia (meaning “death”)
  • Ravenna (meaning “raven”)
  • Thorn (meaning “sharp”)
  • Severus (meaning “strict” or “stern”)
  • Bane (meaning “poison” or “cause of harm”)

4. Gothic Names for Pets

If you have a goth pet, such as a black cat or a sleek snake, these names will complement their mysterious & enchanting nature:

  • Salem
  • Shadow
  • Vesper
  • Midnight
  • Loki

5. Embrace The Gothic Culture

If you’re interested in diving deeper into The gothic culture, you can check out our guide on gothic cat names. This guide provides additional inspiration for naming your furry friends, along with interesting facts about The gothic culture.

My Experience with Gothic Names

As someone who is deeply fascinated by The gothic culture, I have spent countless hours researching & exploring goth names for various purposes. Whether it’s for a character in a story or coming up with a unique name for my pet, I find joy in The process of finding The perfect goth name. The richness & depth of these names never cease To amaze me, & they always leave a lasting impression.

Find Your Perfect Goth Name

With over 300 goth names for girls & boys To choose from, you are bound To find The perfect name that resonates with your personal style. So embrace The darkness, delve into The world of gothic names, & discover a name that is as enchanting & unique as you are.


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What are some popular goth names for girls?

Some popular goth names for girls include:

1. Morticia

2. Raven

3. Lilith

4. Willow

5. Luna

6. Morgana

7. Violet

8. Ophelia

9. Wednesday

10. Nyx

What are some popular goth names for boys?

Some popular goth names for boys include:

1. Damien

2. Draven

3. Lucian

4. Jareth

5. Dante

6. Orion

7. Blade

8. Asher

9. Declan

10. Victor


In today’s world, where uniqueness & individuality are celebrated, choosing a goth name for your baby can be a perfect way To stand out from The crowd. With our extensive list of 300+ goth names for girls & boys, you’ll have no trouble finding The perfect name that embodies The darkness & mystery you desire.

From classic & timeless names like Raven & Damien To more unconventional & eccentric choices like Larkspur & Morose, there is a goth name for every taste. Whether you’re a fan of The macabre or simply drawn To The aesthetic, our list has something To please every goth parent.

Remember, when choosing a goth name, it’s essential To consider not just The sound & meaning but also how it will resonate with your child as they grow older. However, rest assured that a goth name doesn’t seal your child’s fate or determine their personality. It’s merely a symbol of The unique identity you wish To bestow upon them.

So, follow your instincts & select a goth name that speaks To your inner darkness & creativity. Embrace The unconventional, explore The realm of shadows, & let your child’s name be a testament To their individuality. Go forth & give your baby a name that will make them shine in The darkness!

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