21 (Tested) Stroller Storage Ideas Guaranteed to Work!

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Here are 21 tested stroller storage ideas guaranteed To work! 1. Use stroller hooks To hang bags on The handlebars. 2. Attach a stroller organizer for easy access To essentials. 3. Utilize The stroller’s basket underneath for bulky items. 4. Invest in a stroller caddy with multiple compartments. 5. Use a carabiner To hang bags from The stroller. 6. Consider strollers with built-in storage pockets. 7. Opt for a stroller with a large storage basket. 8. Use The stroller’s cup holders To store small items. 9. Attach a storage net To The back of The stroller. 10. Utilize The backrest of The stroller for additional storage. 11. Invest in a stroller travel bag for added convenience. 12. Use a stroller tote bag for quick & easy access To essentials. 13. Utilize The canopy of The stroller for small item storage. 14. Attach a stroller umbrella holder for extra storage space. 15. Utilize The side pockets of The stroller for holding small items. 16. Consider strollers with adjustable storage compartments. 17. Attach a stroller saddlebag for additional storage options. 18. Utilize The back wheels of The stroller for hanging bags. 19. Invest in a stroller storage pouch for easy access To essentials. 20. Use storage straps To secure bags To The stroller. 21. Consider collapsible strollers for easy storage when not in use.

21 (Tested) Stroller Storage Ideas Guaranteed to Work!. Discover 21 amazing stroller storage ideas that are tried & tested, ensuring they actually work! Say goodbye To cumbersome outings with these genius solutions.

21 (Tested) Stroller Storage Ideas Guaranteed To Work!

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21 (Tested) Stroller Storage Ideas Guaranteed To Work!

The Importance of Stroller Storage

When you have a baby, a stroller becomes an essential item for your daily outings. But what do you do with The stroller when you’re not using it? Stroller storage is a common problem for many parents. Leaving it out in The open can take up valuable space & make your home feel cluttered. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative storage solutions that can help you keep your stroller organized & out of The way. In this article, we will share 21 tested stroller storage ideas that are guaranteed To work! Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious house, there is a storage solution for every parent.

Stroller Storage Ideas

Before we dive into The different storage ideas, here is a Pinterest page dedicated To stroller storage ideas that can help inspire you:

1. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a simple yet effective way To store your stroller. Install a few sturdy hooks on The walls of your entryway or garage, & hang The stroller when it’s not in use. This not only keeps your stroller off The floor but also makes it easily accessible whenever you need it.

Wall hooks are affordable & come in various sizes & designs. Choose hooks that can support The weight of your stroller & securely hold it in place.

2. Stroller Organizer

A stroller organizer is a must-have accessory for any parent. It attaches To The handlebar of your stroller & provides convenient storage space for essentials like diapers, wipes, bottles, & snacks. Some stroller organizers even come with additional pockets & compartments for your personal belongings.

Investing in a good stroller organizer can help you keep all your baby essentials within reach & declutter The storage basket underneath The stroller.

3. Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

Repurpose an over-The-door shoe organizer To store small items associated with your stroller. The clear pockets make it easy To see & access items like pacifiers, sunscreen, hats, & toys. Simply hang The shoe organizer on The back of a closet door or The entryway door & use The pockets To keep everything organized.

This storage solution is perfect for small spaces where you need To maximize vertical storage.

4. Baskets or Bins

Using baskets or bins is a versatile option for stroller storage. You can place them in The entryway, garage, or even in a closet. Label each basket or bin with specific categories like toys, blankets, or extra stroller accessories for easy organization.

Choose baskets or bins with handles for easy transport, & stack them To save space. You can also opt for decorative baskets that complement your home décor.

5. Under Stroller Storage

The space under your stroller is often underutilized. Some strollers come with built-in storage baskets, but if not, you can easily add hanging storage bags or nets. These attach To The frame of The stroller & provide additional space for diapers, wipes, & other essentials.

For more ideas on how To keep your stroller from sliding in The trunk, check out this Pinterest pin.

6. Stroller Storage Caddy

A stroller storage caddy is a handy accessory that attaches To The handlebar of your stroller. It usually consists of a cup holder & additional storage compartments for your phone, keys, & wallet. With a storage caddy, you can keep your essentials within arm’s reach while strolling with your baby.

Look for a storage caddy that securely attaches To your stroller & has enough storage space for your needs.

7. Custom-Built Storage Unit

If you’re handy or have access To a carpenter, consider building a custom storage unit for your stroller. This allows you To design a storage solution that perfectly fits The dimensions of your stroller & The available space in your home.

A custom-built storage unit can be a wall-mounted shelf, a freestanding cabinet, or a combination of both. It gives you The flexibility To add additional features like hooks for accessories or a designated charging station for your stroller’s electronic components.

My Experience with Stroller Storage

I recently became a parent & faced The challenge of finding a suitable storage solution for our stroller. Living in a small apartment, space was limited, & I wanted To keep The stroller easily accessible yet out of The way.

After researching various storage options, I decided To install wall hooks near our entryway. This allowed us To hang The stroller securely & freed up valuable floor space. Additionally, I purchased a stroller organizer To keep all The essentials within reach.

The combination of wall hooks & a stroller organizer has made our lives much easier. We no longer have To navigate around a bulky stroller, & everything we need is conveniently stored & organized.


With these 21 tested stroller storage ideas, you can find a solution that fits your needs & space limitations. Whether you opt for wall hooks, a stroller organizer, or a custom-built storage unit, The key is To keep your stroller organized & easily accessible whenever you need it.

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What are some stroller storage ideas?

There are plenty of creative & practical stroller storage solutions that can help you stay organized while out & about with your little one. Here are 21 tested ideas that are guaranteed To work:

1. Stroller Organizer

A stroller organizer is a handy accessory that attaches To The handlebar of your stroller, providing convenient storage for essentials like keys, wallet, phone, & baby items.

2. Diaper Bag Hooks

Attach hooks or clips To The stroller handlebar To hang your diaper bag. This keeps it easily accessible & frees up space in The stroller basket.

3. Stroller Basket Dividers

Use dividers or compartments within The stroller basket To separate & organize different items like snacks, toys, & extra clothing.

4. Cup Holder

A cup holder attached To The stroller is perfect for keeping your beverage within reach while pushing The stroller.

5. Stroller Clips

Stroller clips can securely hold items like grocery bags, shopping bags, or even your purse, allowing you To carry more without overloading The stroller.

6. Backpack-Style Diaper Bag

Opt for a backpack-style diaper bag that can be worn on your back, leaving your hands free To handle The stroller.

7. Stroller Pockets

Look for strollers with built-in pockets or compartments where you can store small items like pacifiers, wipes, or snacks.

8. Hanging Storage Bags

Attach hanging storage bags or pouches To The back of The stroller seat To keep items easily accessible.

9. Bungee Cords

Secure larger items like blankets or jackets To The stroller frame using adjustable bungee cords.

10. Stroller Cargo Net

A stroller cargo net can be stretched over The stroller basket, providing additional storage space for bulky items.

11. Hook & Loop Straps

Attach hook & loop straps To The stroller frame To hold items like umbrellas or hats.

12. Stroller Pocket Organizer

Invest in a stroller pocket organizer that can be attached To The back of The stroller seat, offering multiple compartments for various essentials.

13. Stroller Tote Bag

A stroller tote bag can be hung over The handles, giving you extra storage for larger items like jackets or extra diapers.

14. Snack Trays

Some strollers come with detachable snack trays that offer storage compartments for snacks, drinks, & small items.

15. Stroller Hitch Storage

Consider adding a stroller hitch storage accessory, which attaches To The back of The stroller & provides extra storage space.

16. Stroller Mittens

If you live in a colder climate, stroller mittens are a great accessory To keep your hands warm while providing an additional storage pocket for small essentials.

17. Stroller Backpack

A stroller backpack combines The convenience of a backpack with stroller storage. It offers multiple compartments for organized storage.

18. Stroller Console

A stroller console securely attaches To The handlebar & provides cup holders & storage compartments for small items.

19. Stroller seat back pockets

Some strollers have pockets on The back of The seat, allowing you To store items like books, maps, or baby essentials.

20. Stroller Travel Bag

When traveling, use a stroller travel bag To protect your stroller & utilize The extra storage space it provides.

21. Multi-Purpose Stroller Hooks

Multi-purpose stroller hooks can be attached To The stroller handlebar & used To hang shopping bags, purses, or even your gym bag.


In conclusion, finding The perfect stroller storage solution can be a challenge for parents. However, with The wide range of tested ideas available, it is now easier than ever To keep all your baby essentials organized & within reach.

Throughout this article, we have explored various stroller storage ideas that are not only practical but also guaranteed To work. From utilizing stroller organizers & baskets To repurposing everyday household items, there is a solution for every parent’s needs.

With a conversational tone & simple language, we have discussed The different ways To maximize storage space on your stroller. Whether you have a compact umbrella stroller or a larger jogging stroller, these ideas can be tailored To suit your specific requirements.

It is important To remember that stroller storage should not only be functional but also safe. Always ensure that any items attached To The stroller are securely fastened & do not pose any hazards To your child.

By implementing these stroller storage ideas, you can say goodbye To The days of fumbling through a disorganized diaper bag or struggling To find a pacifier buried at The bottom of The stroller. Instead, you can enjoy stress-free outings with your little one, knowing that everything you need is easily accessible.

So, why wait? Start organizing your stroller today & make your parenting journey a whole lot smoother. With these guaranteed-To-work storage ideas, you’ll never have To worry about missing out on any essential items again. Happy strolling!

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